Don't Stop Believin!
Hi there, I'm Joseph Devin Holbrook, but you can call me Joey. I'm eighteen years old and I live in Lima, Ohio and I'm a senior at McKinley High School. But, I'm originally from Dublin Ireland, until I was 9 and I was adopted. I'm taken by my amazing boyfriend Sam Evans. I love musicals, singing and dancing. I'm part of New Directions. I'm openly gay, and damn proud of it! Anything you want to know, feel free to ask me :)

(Disclaimer: This is a roleplay blog. I am not Joey Holbrook or Niall Horran and I'm not affiliated with Glee.) Registered & Protected

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ooc: mwahahahaha, Peej and Chris are cute together. I just take from what they give :p
OOC: I’m gonna explode from the cute staaahp lol I never thought I’d ship chase with anyone cause he’s always with someone else but OMG PERFECT!!!

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    OOC: Kels I’m sorry xD
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    ooc: I have never been called Kes before but WOO!